About founder

Welcome to ruGate.ch !

My name is Oxana Makhmutova.

I live in Moscow and have more than 20 years of experience in financial management of Russian companies as well as in the development of partnerships between Swiss, German, Austrian and Russian businesses.

With my business background, I have been involved in various markets and industries, such as real estate, construction, hotel & tourism sectors, wholesale trade,  cosmetics distribution, agriculture, financial services, international investments, international recruiting, mining, hi-tech, IT, neuro-research, Russian start-ups, government sector and others.

Among others, I am currently collaborating with Swiss Business Hub Russia, Embassy of Switzerland in the Russian Federation, as a trade advisor in the Russian market.   

I have a great passion for international cooperation. We live in different countries. Our histories and cultures cross in different areas, but we also have different patterns of behavior, values and points of view.

International business enables to build bridges and to develop positive and successful business relationships.

However, for me, international cooperation is something more – it is an escape from boundaries, a mutual respect between nations, a shift from conflicts to prosperity. The worldwide scale of such cooperation has a chance to improve the world. That’s why I work in this field.

I am strongly motivated to combine my deep business experience with my interest in intercultural business communication.

I offer you great willingness and passion to represent, promote and support your company in Russia.


Oxana Makhmutova
Founder & CEO