New Brand on the Market | Rausch

The Swiss hair cosmetic brand, RAUSCH, made a successful debut on October 23-26, 2019. This achievement stands out as one of the shining accomplishments under the RuGate initiative.

In response to the request from SWISS GLOBAL ENTERPRISE and Swiss Business Hub Russia, we stepped into the role of a trade advisor and gathered valuable feedback from key players in the cosmetic market. On top of that, we handpicked eight potential partner distributors after carefully evaluating their alignment with Rausch's specific requirements.

Besides that, we organized RAUSCH representatives' visit to Moscow and facilitated the meetings with distributors aiding with live and accurate translation for a fruitful negotiation process for all involved parties. The culmination of efforts came in the form of a final meeting during which a distributor who proved to be an ideal match was selected, ultimately becoming the exclusive distributor of RAUSCH products throughout Russia. This successful partnership is a testament to the dedication, strategy, and hands-on involvement that our team brought to the table.