Swiss-Azerbaijan Business Roundtable

The business roundtable “Azerbaijan 2022: Energy Source and Logistics Hub for Europe and Asia” took place on September 22, 2022 at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Geneva (CCIG).

It was a great organized event with participant of the Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Switzerland, Azerbaijan companies and business organizations.

Azerbaijan is positioning itself as a logistics hub for East-West trade in the region through major infrastructure investments in road, port, rail and air cargo facilities. Freight forwarders, logistics/supply chain developers, and managers may find opportunities as Azerbaijan continues investing in logistics infrastructure. In addition to being a leading oil source, the country is also a natural gas producer, making it an attractive source of energy, especially, in the current geopolitical situation. The development of renewable energy - solar, wind and thermal - is also underway.

My sincere thanks to Joint Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South Caucasus (JCC) for invitation, for interesting and fruitful event and valuable network with Swiss-Azerbaijan business community.